5 Reasons You Should Run A Turkey Trot This Thanksgiving

Turkey Trots make getting up early on a holiday totally worth it.

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It’s about that time—for turkey and pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes aaaand Turkey Trot races! All around the country runners will soon be lining up for one of the most popular race days in the US—Thanksgiving! Will you be one of them?

Here are 5 good reasons to run a Turkey Trot this year:

It will give you something to work and train towards this month. As the days are getting shorter and colder it’s more challenging to get yourself up and out the door. Well, if there is a race looming on the calendar you have to get out there and get some miles logged.

It’s Convenient—
There are big and small races all around the country. There are good odds you can find one super close to you. In addition to the usual race registration websites also check your local neighborhood newsletters and newspapers.

The Calorie Burn—
It’s estimated the average Thanksgiving dinner can come in at 2,000 calories or more! Put a dent in that by burning a few miles worth first thing that morning. And if ever there was a day that your body could use a little extra burn, it’s Thanksgiving.

You’ll be beaming all day knowing you ran a race. You accomplished something not everyone does. You are awesome. Plus, if the race gives out medals or race tees you can wear it all day as a conversation starter.

It’s Fun—
C’mon starting your day with a good run, surrounded by other people who love to run, too—what’s not to enjoy?!

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