5 Reasons To Love Summer Running

Some reasons on why summer can be one of your favorite running seasons.

propel fit workout with a friend jump (800x600)

1. It’s all about training. There aren’t a lot of summer races so you have plenty of time to train for the Fall. Autumn is a very busy time for half marathons and marathons. Are you ready? No? Oh, that’s fine. You have 3 months to pound out the miles and get ready to race. Get to it!

2. Post-run relaxing. There are so many great options for how to get your recovery on after a long run during the summer…

  • Jump in the pool to cool off.
  • Relax on the patio with a drink in one hand and book in the other.
  • Hit up a cool movie theater and get out of the heat (with popcorn in hand).
  • Refuel at your favorite restaurant and dine al fresco.

3. Summer fruits (and ice cream). The most delicious fruits are at their peak in the summer. (I’m looking at you watermelon and cherries!) You deserve an epic fruit salad after slogging through a hot run. For some reason, fruit is just so much more delicious after a hard run! Ice cream also tastes better on a hot day. Add in a sweaty run beforehand and it is like magic.

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4. Ditch the layers. Sure it’s hot. But at least you don’t have to dodge snow storms and don 22 layers of wicking gear to get in a good run. Think back to all those chilly runs in January when you were cursing the weather man… and enjoy thawing out. Bonus: It’s a lot easier to gear up and pack for a trip when you wear less!

5. Long days. This means more time to run. It doesn’t matter if you’re a morning or an evening runner – you have a little more time to work with. Fit in an extra mile or get that run in after dinner. Time is on your side.

Summer running… love it or not so much?