4 Ways To Up Your Running Confidence

Don’t let your run-game slip because of self-doubt.

mental toughness

When your confidence is in the gutter, your running performance tends to suffer. Don’t let your run-game slip because of self-doubt. Heed these tips to give yourself a mental boost.

Share your dreams with your friends. The universe—and hopefully your buddies’ pesky text messages—will hold you accountable. Plus, if loved ones are aware of your objectives, you’ll get an extra boost when you succeed.

Make self-love a priority. Olympi-an Kara Goucher says tracking self-confidence is a daily task—but a beneficial one.
“You have hard workouts when you are preparing for a race, and you push through the doubts to finish. Track how you handle the mental side on hard days.”

Write down your goals. With a pen. On paper. And hang it up on your bathroom mirror. The act of inking your desired end result makes it feel permanent, tangible and attainable. Goucher also suggests keeping a confidence journal: “Write down a positive thing from every workout, whether you totally nailed it or struggled to finish. This is key to review before races to remind yourself of all of the preparation you have done.”

Look at old race photos.
Reminiscing about a past triumph can bring back memories of being strong. By looking at photographic proof that, yes, you can complete a race, it will be hard to doubt your abilities at the next starting line.