4 Tips To Look Good And Feel Good On Race Day

These simple beauty tips pair well with inner confidence on race day.

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Inner beauty is about confidence, self-esteem and happiness. When you’re at peace internally, it shows externally too. Everyone’s mojo ebbs and flows, but the good news is you can train it for peak performance.

Don’t let that PR get away: These zero-fuss outer beauty tricks boost confidence without distracting mental focus from your race. And they allow you much more time to focus on your inner confidence instead.

A Killer Mani
Sitting through an ornate manicure forces you to relax and be still at the end of your taper. On race day, channel your inner Flo-Jo and go!

A Speedy Do
An awesome hairstyle that stays put with no distracting strays saves the energy of you retying your strands mid-race. Try a fishtail braid, or, for shorter locks, double up on hairbands.

Tinted Sunscreen
This product protects your skin while enhancing your glow. If you want to stick to all-natural coloring, just use a regular sunscreen for protection.

Tinted Lip Balm
It hydrates—plus lends a hint of color for race photos. Look for one with SPF to provide extra protection.