4 Life Hacks That Can Improve Your Runner Life

We break down the latest fitness research to help you run better.

4 Tips To Become A Better Runner

Get Your Group On

If you made a fitness-specific New Year’s resolution, here’s an easy way to remain committed: Organize a virtual support group. A recent study from the University of Pennsylvania found that social networking was much more effective than promotional advertisements when it came to participants sticking with health goals.

Stay Active And Get Busy

Does hitting the streets put you in the mood to hit the sheets? You’re not alone. A study conducted by Wakefield Research found that 41 percent of people say the post-run high puts them in the mood for love.

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Natural Healer

Colds are no fun for anyone—and for runners they can sideline training, throwing a wrench into our race plans. Next time you feel a sniffle starting, brew yourself a cup of hot water with lemon juice, fresh ginger and a spoonful of honey. The National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements reports citrus may shorten the duration of your illness, while ginger fights nausea and honey soothes a cough.

That’s The Spirit

If you wake up after a long night of debauchery not looking your freshest, there’s a reason for that. Alcohol dilates blood vessels in the skin, which can lead to a swollen and puff y appearance after the buzz wears off. But that’s just one more reason to lace up your running shoes on January first! A solid sweat session will increase blood flow, thereby flushing cellular debris and carrying oxygen and nutrients to the epidermis (aka skin). So hit the streets—your face and your frame of mind will thank you.

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