Our Top 4 Favorite Mid-Run Chews

We tested tons of chews to find four of our favorites!


Clif Shot Blocks Mixed Berry
Why we love it…The crowd-pleasing flavor and pleasant consistency gave these blocks the W. Plus the packaging makes the blocks incredibly easy to eat—almost like a push-up pop.
What it tastes like…Mellow blueberry flavor hits your palate first, followed by a strawberry jelly finish.
When to eat it…Each block packs 33 calories (only half of which are from sugar, the rest is pure carb) and plenty of electrolytes. Pop one every 10 to 20 minutes during long runs to keep your energy high.


ProBar Bolt Energy Chews Raspberry
Why we love it…These organic bites pack a punch of caffeine in a totally natural way. Yerba mate provides a jolt, while acai extract delivers fatigue-fighting antioxidants.
What it tastes like…The light flavor is more raspberry juice than raspberry jam.
When to eat it…With 180 calories per pack (18 per chew), these work before or during a run to boost energy and aid performance.


Barnana Original Chewy Banana Bites
Why we love it…Umm what runner doesn’t like bananas? These chews have only two ingredients: organic bananas and organic banana powder (whatever that is). Unlike the original form, these chews won’t get mushy and bruised in your duffel bag.
What it tastes like…Straight up banana.
When to eat it…We like these before a run of any length. The small bites allow you to eat just as much as you want to be fueled with carbs and potassium for your journey.


Honey Stinger Chews Pink Lemonade
Why we love it…Made from all natural ingredients, like organic honey and grape juice, these gluten-free bites settle easily in even the most sensitive of stomachs.
What it tastes like…Wildflower honey mixed with the tang of sour citrus.
When to eat it…The 15-ish calorie chews can be enjoyed individually, but they’re small enough to eat a few at once. During long runs, you’ll want to finish approximately one packet every 45 minutes.