3 Ways To Get Out And Run Right Now

When your self-confidence and motivation is lacking, these tricks will help.

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Challenge yourself.
Alisha Perkins, a mother-runner blogger and author of the upcoming book Running Home, says, “Little challenges can validate your running prowess. Try going just a half-mile farther or 10 seconds faster at the end of a run. Sometimes you need to physically do it before your brain will believe it.”

Adopt a mantra.
Olympian Kara Goucher uses positive self-talk to carry her through tough runs and races. “I have had so many mantras. Sometimes I just have one word that I have thought of during training, like confidence or courage,” she says. “When I say that word to myself, it conjures up all sorts of feelings of getting through tough times and it helps me focus on the task at hand.”

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Turn on your favorite song—and play it on repeat.
There’s a reason that one track has a special place in your runner heart. It elicits an emotional response, often a powerful one. The music tells your mind and body, Yes, I can do this. Why not put it on loop?