3 Tips That Could Keep You Fit This Winter

Stay fit and happy during the long winter months.



Warm Up
Sip on a hot drink for a surprising benefit that could help you find a new running buddy: Scientists found that holding a warm beverage can make you feel friendlier. Participants in the study who held hot bevvies judged people they met as more generous and caring. (You can try this out by holding our hot cocoa recipe.)

Snow Queen
Dash through the white stuff to ward off winter blues. When days get short, serotonin levels can dip, leaving you feeling low—and one of the best ways to boost the feel-good chemical is through exercise. A 2007 study from Duke University found that regular sweat sessions were just as effective as prescription medication when it comes to alleviating the symptoms of depression.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry
Science shows that when it comes to holiday weight gain, it’s (almost) all in your head. A study from The New England Journal of Medicine found that the average person gains less than 1 pound from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. So simply remember to eat your veggies before (or after!) your pie; and instead of fretting over the heavy food at the holiday table, see how many relatives you can recruit to do their first 5K!