3 Reasons To Stay Active On Vacation

There are plenty of great reasons to go for a run or workout while traveling!

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Hello from Alaska! I’m actually on a cruise right now. (Waves from somewhere on the Pacific Ocean.) So I thought this is a great time to share a little about how I try to stay active on vacation.

Most of the time running while on vacation is simple. Many hotels have gyms with a few treadmills or you can just lace up and run around the area! I try to do what I can with the location I’m visiting and the time I have to work with. The key is that it should add to your trip, not take away from the fun! It’s not supposed to add stress to your life, so if it’s too much, take a step back and prioritize what you want to do that day.

Why I Run On Vacation:

1. Routine. I like to stay in my routine to keep my body feeling good. Long plane rides, time changes and the stress of travel really throw off my schedule. Keeping up some sort of running routine helps me feel less antsy, more calm and in control of my mental and physical wellness.

I’m not a super Type ‘A’ person that needs to stick to their training schedule 100 percent, so I do run less on vacation. I aim to get in a few miles and I work with the time I have.

2. Explore. I love to run around new areas. Traveling on foot is the best way to see things. I can stop if I see something interesting, take pictures, talk to locals and grab a cup of coffee on the way back to the hotel.

I make notes of points of interest or shops by taking a picture of it with my phone. Then I can come back later when I’m playing tourist. I’ve discovered a few small ‘mom and pop’ coffee shops and funny signs this way!

Pro Tip: Ask the hotel staff for good running or walking routes to be sure it’s safe. Sometimes the front desk has an area map with interesting things to see.

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3. Health. I often indulge in more decadent foods while on vacation (pizza for lunch and dessert every night). Staying active helps me avoid gaining weight or feeling bloated, even though I’m eating all that good food while traveling! It’s all about finding a balance you are happy with.

Since I’m on a cruise, I have two options to run— the little track on the top of the ship or a treadmill in the gym. The first morning of the trip I went with the treadmill and got in 6 miles. It wasn’t what I would have run at home, but it gave me the chance to refocus, check out the ship’s gym and get in a feel good sweat session!

Do you run on vacation? Do you try to stay active in other ways?