3 New Energy Bars You Have To Try

These tasty and nutritious treats earned the Fuel Up Awards for our favorite bars.



These tasty and nutritious treats earned the Fuel Up Awards for our favorite bars. 

Clif Organic Trail Mix Bar Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Raspberry
Why we love it…We like how many organic products are making their way to the running world, and Clif Bar has long been a leader on that front. This new line of organic bars features dried fruits and nuts and chocolate—yum!
What it tastes like…This flavor is a good mix of fruits you don’t often see in bars, chocolate sweetens the deal.
When to eat it…Snack on this 190-calorie bar before running to top off your energy level with something healthy, organic and tasty.

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Kind Strong & Kind Roasted Jalapeño
Why we love it…Not all bars need to be laden with sweet flavors to be tasty. Enter the world of savory goodness with this high-protein line of bars.
What it tastes like…Despite the jalapeño, we found even a wussy palate could take the little kick.
When to eat it…When you want to replenish after a run, this bar delivers 10 grams of protein, 15 grams of carbs and 230 calories—and goes great with a beer.

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Rodeo Trail Nugget Just Beet It!
Why we love it…Beets are high in nitric oxide, which helps improve circulation and muscle recovery. This bar may be small, but it’s also dense, packing 210 calories.
What it tastes like…Despite the name, we did not detect beet flavor as much as other fruits. In fact, it reminded one of us of Mom’s orange cranberry bread!
When to eat it…Take this on a trail run and nibble a little as you go. It’s not too sweet and easy to carry.