3 Fuels That Are Perfect Mid-Run

These gels won our Fuel Up Awards as our favorite ways to get energy on the run.


fuel up 2015

Fuel for Fire Tropical
Why we love it…This smoothie already has protein powder mixed in (10g), and with it’s resealable cap, you can eat as much of the 110-calorie packet as you want, when you want.
What it tastes like…Real fruit, since it’s made from pineapple, banana and mango.
When to eat it…This is best right out of the fridge, either before or after a run.

Gu Salted Caramel
Why we love it…So many runners swear by Gu’s quick delivery of energy. A recent reformulation means it’s even more scientifically designed to deliver optimal fuel. Plus, it’s now completely vegan.
What it tastes like…There’s no doubting the power of salt plus caramel. This flavor immediately became the number-one best-seller for Gu when it came out last year.
When to eat it…Down a 100-calorie packet five minutes before your run and another every 45 minutes to keep from bonking.

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Untapped Slopeside Syrup
Why we love it…We’ve always loved maple syrup but hadn’t considered fueling with it on a run. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? While there isn’t much sodium (5mg), syrup does naturally have electrolytes and a slew of minerals—but it’s the burst of carbs that really energizes.
What it tastes like…Real maple syrup, because that’s exactly what it is.
When to eat it…Sure, you can drizzle this on your pre-race pancakes, but the real idea is to slurp a 100-calorie shot of syrup for some energy straight from nature.