3 Fruits You Should Be Eating (Plus Bonus Tip!)

Tame your appetite with the nutritional boost from these runner-friendly fruits!

Are you running regularly and noticing your appetite is out of control? Welcome to the club. Running regularly and increasing your weekly mileage can present a Catch 22 situation for those who are using training as a way to lose weight or just maintain a healthy weight.

The more we run, the hungrier we are. The key to combatting the constant hunger pains is to eat foods that are good for your body, but not high in unhealthy fats and sodium. Your momma wasn’t kidding when she told you to “eat your fruits and veggies.”

Check out these three feel-good fruits when you need a boost:

1. Bananas This go-to staple is popular for a reason. Since bananas are high in potassium, they help combat cramps. Topped with a little peanut butter for a touch of protein, this fruit has become a favorite for pre- and post-run snacks.

2. Oranges– Oranges are not only refreshing after a grueling run, but they also pack a punch of vitamin C, which helps repair muscle damage caused by running. Expert tip: Cut the fruit when you bring it home from the store to ensure you have slices readily available when hunger strikes.

3. Blueberries– These tiny berries pack a mean punch. Not only are they full of antioxidants to keep you running healthy, but they also contain vitamin C. Like oranges, blueberries can help repair muscles after running.

Bonus Recommendation:

Need a quick boost of energy to jump start your run? You don’t have to reach for an energy gel. Grab nature’s version of energy gel by snacking on some raisins. San Diego State University researchers found that cyclists who consumed an energy gel had equal energy output to those who consumed raisins. The bite-sized fruit offers a great option for runners who are looking for an alternative to energy gels because they’re cheaper, lower in sodium and calories (bonus!).