3 Facts To Consider When Avoiding A Run In The Cold

On a cold, freezing morning, our beds can seem more enticing than going for a run. Consider these things, however, about the benefits.


Cool Running

Motivating to get out the door on a freezing morning can feel nearly impossible. If exercising outside were really good for us, then who made our beds so freaking cozy? The next time you’re faced with the to-sleep-or-run dilemma, consider these facts about running in the cold…

1) As days shorten, a lack of sunlight leaves us open to a case of the seasonal blues. A recent study from Duke University found regular 30-minute cardio workouts to be four times more successful at improving serotonin levels and reducing symptoms of depression than medication.

2) Regular exercise lowers your chance of catching the flu by 20 to 30 percent, according to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

3) All that heavy breathing in chilly temps can train your body to use oxygen more efficiently. A study from Northern Arizona University discovered three months of cold exposure increased V02 max in goats by 34 percent, indicating a similar effect may occur in humans as well.