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26.2 Reasons Why I Still Run

Five years ago, Mile Posts shared the reasons why she runs with us, thinking they would never change. They have.

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why dorothy runs

Five years ago I shared 26.2 Reasons Why I Run. If you had asked me then if those reasons would always be the reasons I would run, I may have firmly said yes. I thought my love of running and my relationship with the sport would never change, so the reasons why I run would always stay the same.

The truth is, many of the reasons I run have changed. While yes, some have stayed constant—such as the fact that I’m an endorphin addict—others, like my former desire to be the woman in the room who had run the most marathons, no longer describe my relationship with running.

Five years later here are the 26.2 reasons why I still run:

1.  I am an endorphin addict.

2. I run to be a strong, fit example to my three children.

3. I run to feel life deeper. To experience it one breath at a time.

4. I run to be STRONGER today than I was yesterday.

5. I run because I believe I am a kinder and more loving mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend after I run.

6. I run because I prefer 20 mile long runs with friends over driving 20 miles to hang out at a bar.


8. I run because it gives me an opportunity to feel as if I am good at something.

9. I run because it awakens the creative side of my spirit.

10. I run not to collect marathon medals, but to collect marathon memories.

11. I run to prove to myself that I am capable of handling anything that life throws at me.

12. I run because I love the pure joy of moving through the air with nothing powering me but my own two feet.

13. I run because it teaches me things about myself I never knew.

14. I run marathons because I love crying tears of joy at the at the start and fighting off tears of happiness after the finish.

15. I run because I want to live a very long life. One where I can chase around my grandchildren.

16. I run because I want my daughter to grow up knowing that she is beautiful inside and out. I am her mommy mirror.

17. I run because I want to show my children that anywhere they want to go in life they can get their using their feet.

18. I run because it gives me the gift of fitness. A gift that has allowed me to climb mountains on a whim.

19. I run because it’s the one place in life where I truly feel like I can be myself with no judgement.

20. I run not to look a certain way but because to feel a certain way.

21. I run because I am no longer defined by body ideals. #IHaveARunnersBody

22. I run to clear my mind.

23. I run to learn my story.

24. I run to feel closer to God.

25. I run to quiet the voices in my head that tell me I am not enough, that I am not worth it. I am enough. I am worth it.

26. I run because it makes me happy!

26.2 I run because I am a runner.

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