15 Reasons Runners Are Totally Like Big Babies

What do runners have in common with babies? More than you think!


What do runners have in common with babies? More than you think! If you read this list and realize that this is you—don’t go and get your diapers in a bunch. This list is intended to make you laugh and think twice before crying the next time you spill your chocolate milk. At some point, we all grow up and realize there is a gallon in the fridge. It takes a few of us longer to realize the the world does not revolve around PR’s and long runs (much to our chagrin).

With out further ado, here are 15 ways runners are similar to babies.

  1. Eating gross mush that is considered food—organic baby errr fuel anyone?
  2. Eating said food and then toss the container on the ground.
  3. From time to time poop is a problem, and if we are being honest, pee is too.
  4. Gas. Move if you are near this type of baby or runner. Neither of them say excuse me.
  5. Mood Swings. Smiling one second, rage a moment later.
  6. Waking up very early even though we need sleep.
  7. Willing to use the bathroom anywhere if necessary. A diaper, behind a bus, in the toilet…I mean really what’s the difference?
  8. Dressing in outfits that may be considered ridiculous to others. Knee high socks, tutu’s, sparkly headbands…are we talk about a Disney race or your friend’s baby girl?
  9. Very cranky without consistent sleep. Need naps often. Willing to sleep most anywhere, including in the car, while sitting up in a chair, or on a friends couch.
  10. Drinking liquids all day long. Water, nuun, chocolate milk, formula, coffee—it’s all liquids all the time for babies and runners.
  11. Weird rashes occur more frequently. What are those dots, how long have those been there and what caused that?
  12. Butt paste, Diaper rash cream, Body Glide—don’t leave home with out it.
  13. Crying and more crying. Tapering, post marathon blues, someone took your toy—all good reasons to cry in my book.
  14. Throwing fits when they don’t get what they want and lament about it for far too long. But I wanted the purple and green Brooks Launch, not the pink.
  15. Did I mention crying already? I had a bad race. I didn’t PR. Listen to what your parents preach: Life is not fair.

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