15 Things That Runners Who Love Food Will Understand

If you run to eat and love it, then you will be nodding your head at every one of these GIFs from fellow foodie-runner Run Eat Repeat.

I love food. I love running. I love thinking about food while I’m running. This might be a problem, but for a lot of us running and eating go hand in hand. Sometimes we run so we can eat more. Sometimes we eat because we ran so much! It’s a delicate balance with a cherry on top. Check out this list of things runners who love food will understand…

#1: You can’t relate when people say they’re not hungry.

love food

#2: You run by a donut shop or pizza place and get mesmerized by the smell.

runner food lover 15

#3: You get overly excited when your food is ready. (Anyone else clap when the waiter sets down your food?)

runner food lover 14

#4: Long runs give you more time to dream up awesome food combos.

runner food lover 13

#5: You get HANGRY when you have to wait to eat.

runner food lover 11

#6: Some sign up for the bling, but you sign up for races that offer post-race pancakes or other awesome food. (See: the Phoenix Marathon’s awesome French Toast!)

runner food lover 12

#7: When you’re injured and can’t run you worry about being able to eat as much food as usual.

runner food lover 19

#8: You get offended when someone else wastes food in front of you.

runner food lover 10

#9: When you say, “Want to share?” you actually mean, “I will eat some of your food, but I hope you don’t want any of mine.”

runner food lover 5

#10: Everyone is counting carbs or avoiding gluten and you’re just like…

runner food lover 21

#11: You get defensive when someone judges your food choices.

runner food lover 20

#12: You add peanut butter, cheese or guacamole to EVERYTHING.

runner food lover 17

#13: Sometimes you don’t know when to stop…

runner food lover 16

#14: Eating after a long run is almost a religious experience.

runner food lover 7

#15: You post your runs on social media just so people understand why you eat so much.

runner food lover 6

And you enjoy every single mile and every single bite!