13 Times When Running Just Plain Sucks

No matter how much you love to run, every once in awhile, running kind of sucks.

long running path orange county (800x450)

We’re runners. We like running (well—I can really only speak for myself—and I love running).

But sometimes running sucks.

Running sucks when you’re tired.

Running sucks when your legs feel like lead and every step takes so much effort.

Running sucks when it’s raining.

Running sucks when it’s super hot and humid.

Running sucks when your fuel belt is rubbing a horrible chafe burn on your waist.

Running sucks when you’re hungry.

Running sucks when you ate to much and feel bloated and burpy.

Running sucks when you just don’t feel like running and can’t find the motivation.

Running sucks when you get lost.

Running sucks when you run the same route over and over every day.

Running sucks when you’re not making progress at getting faster.

Running sucks when your training plan calls for a super difficult workout.

But most of all… running sucks when you can’t run.

Any runner with an injury knows that the worst run is the one you can’t do.

icing my ankle pain (450x800)

I feel like I have some tendonitis coming on so I’m trying to rest it. Hopefully, I’ll be up and running soon!

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