11 Ways That Running Is A Lot Like Having Sex

We know it sounds crazy, but we have your attention! Here are some (PG-13) ways that running is actually a lot like having sex.

A while back I attended a running coach certification course. It was through a reputable organization and I learned so much about running, the body, training and more. But it wasn’t just talk of IT bands and mile splits. The instructor kept it interesting and at one point he compared running to sex, I think partially just to get our attention (and it worked).

He was just making a joke! But the more I thought about it, the more I realized running does have a lot of similarities to sex…

running like sex

Running is like sex because…

Most of the time you’re practically naked.

It makes you sweaty.

.running and sex 2

It gets your heart-rate up.

You can do it alone or with a friend.

running and sex

Sometimes you have to convince people to do it with you by promising brunch after.

running and sex 1

There’s heavy breathing and awkward sounds.

The right music gets you in the mood or pumped up for it.

running and sex 5

You get better with practice.

When you don’t have a lot of time you’ve got to fit in a short, quick session.

running and sex 3

Everyone knows you do it but no one wants to hear you talk about it.

And finally, running is like sex because it makes you happy and gives you endorphins.

running and sex 4