11 Simple Safety Reminders To Runners

Nathan Sports dishes some helpful tips on how to make your next run a little safer.

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night run

According to the CDC, more than 79,000 pedestrians are injured annually by cars, with the chance of being struck and killed increasing by 1,100% after dark. As stated in a recent report from The Department of Transportation, the benefits of reflective gear when working, walking or biking along the flow of traffic is that it allows pedestrians to be detected at a much greater distance, in some cases, retro-reflective materials can be 1,500 times brighter than ordinary white clothing.

With those statistics in mind, and for easy reference, here are a few helpful running safety tips from NATHAN Sports:

1. Run facing traffic, except on blind curves, so you can see oncoming vehicles in the lane closest to you.
2. If you run in busy areas, avoid wearing headphones or only use one ear bud so you can hear what’s going on around you.
3. Make sure you are visible from the front, back and sides, look for products that offer 360-degree visibility, like the Light Streak Vest from Nathan.

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4. Run with a partner. If not, make sure to tell someone when and where you will be running.
5. Vary your running route and timing so your runs aren’t predictable.
6. Obey all traffic and pedestrian laws.

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7. Use active lighting, like a headlamp or LEDs, to make sure you can see where you’re going and be seen by those around you.
8. Pick a populated running route at night, staying away from dark alleys and dimly lit backroads.
9. Carry your cell phone and/or an emergency whistle.
10. Carry a small first aid kit.
11. Check the most recent weather report before heading out.