10 Reasons to Run Today!

There are so many reasons to lace up and get outside today.

i love long runs (800x450) 

1. Run while you can. You don’t know how long you’ll love the sport, be healthy, be injury-free or have the time to train.

2. It’s free—mostly! Getting outside for a run doesn’t require a gym membership or entry fees. Just go!

3. It’s good for you. Running helps maintain a healthy weight and manage stress.

4. Two words = Carb Loading. Am I right? You get to do this thing called ‘carb­loading’ before a long run or race. That’s one of the main reasons I run.

5. You can make friends. Runners tend to be friendly people. There are tons of options to meet other runners at local groups, races or training message boards.

6. It makes you feel good. I feel really great after run. No matter where you are on your health journey, it feels amazing to get in a challenging run. You can feel fit and confident!

7. You time. I run solo most of the time and really treasure this ‘me time’. I truly enjoy zoning out or thinking about the people I love or figuring out life’s great mysteries.

8. Get better. More running and challenging training will help you get faster, better and stronger in your running.

9. It’s humbling. No matter how long you have been running, there are always those humbling runs that remind you it’s still important to push. It’s also still important to plan out smart training. You get to push yourself. You get to learn from your weaknesses and strengths.

10. It’s FUN!!! Come on—you know that time when you run is one of the best times of the day. It’s fun, sweaty, challenging, hard, familiar and just all around FUN.