10 Reasons To Run A Valentine’s Day Race

Taken or not, a race is the perfect way to start Valentine's Day!

valentine's day race

10. Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year. What else are you doing on the morning of the 14th?!

9. Got a Valentine? Well, how about suggesting a running date? Couples that run together stay together! (Okay I made that up, but you can tell your significant other you read it on the internet so it must be true.)

8. Breakfast in bed is overrated. Everyone knows pancakes taste best after a run.


7. Don’t have a Valentine? Well, at least you can still say you got sweaty on Valentine’s Day. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

6. It’s the perfect excuse to buy red, pink and other cute themed running gear!


5. Cupid might be out running too. Or a hottie.

4. Run with a friend, partner or random stranger and put a bet on the race – loser buys dinner. (Or pancakes, or pancakes for dinner…)

3. It’s a great excuse to make an awesome new playlist. Yes, it’s time to take the Christmas jingles off your playlist now.

2. I <3 Running. Running gives you endorphins and makes you feel good. If you are flying solo this year, it’s a great way to do something for yourself. And if you are paired up, it’s a sure way to make sure you’re in a great mood before spending some time with your partner.

1. Chocolate. Hey, we all know you’re going to eat some – might as well burn off some of those calories with a fun run!