10 Healthy Ways You Can Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If you're constantly craving treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, reach for one of these ten healthy—and tasty—snacks and desserts.

sweet tooth

If desserts had a fan club, I’d be president. I am all about having a sweet treat every day. That means I need to opt for lighter treats sometimes if I want to avoid unnecessary calories or weight gain. Some days I have a piece of cake, some days I have a ripe, juicy mango. It’s all about balance.

Here are some sweet snack ideas that will satisfy your sugar craving without ruining your diet.

Dark Chocolate Squares

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A friend once told me, “Do it right or do it twice,” about something work-related. That can be said for chocolate, too. If you are craving chocolate, have a few squares of high-quality dark chocolate from your favorite company. Sit down and savor it. Enjoy the smooth texture and how it melts in your mouth. The more you pay attention to what you’re eating the more you’ll enjoy it (and won’t need to eat extra because you’ll be satisfied after one serving).

Hot Mug Of Your Favorite Tea

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If I am not really hungry, but am craving something sweet late at night I’ll make a big mug of tea and sweeten it with stevia and almond milk. I usually go for a Vanilla Chamomile, but this time of year Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride is where it’s at!

Hard Candy

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Choose a good one like butterscotch or See’s lollipops. These are great because they last a long time. I’ve taken butterscotch candies to the movies and eaten one at a time slowly instead of pouring an entire box of M&Ms in my mouth.

The Ripest, Juiciest In-Season Fruit

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There are certain times of year when mangoes taste like Heaven. Sometimes, pears are perfection. For a few months, blueberries are perfectly sweet. And don’t get me started on watermelon—it tastes like summer and happiness had a baby. The point is, the best in-season fruits can satisfy your sweet tooth. Check your local farmer’s market—they often have the best in season options.

Small Fro-Yo

Frozen yogurt is my favorite treat. It’s a lighter option than ice cream if you get a small size and keep the toppings light.

Kettle Corn

This is a great option for volume eaters. Want something sweet and want A LOT of it? Pop a 100-calorie sized bag of kettle corn and enjoy!

Chocolate Shake

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This is also known as a disguised protein shake. Make your usual chocolate protein powder decadent by adding a frozen banana, chocolate milk and whipped cream on top! Or use your favorite protein powder and fruit to blend up a treat.

Trail Mix

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A trail mix made up of whole grain cereals and a few chocolate covered nuts thrown in for fun is the perfect sweet treat.

Greek Yogurt Plus Toppings

Greek yogurt topped with mini-chocolate chips or nuts is a great snack. Grab your favorite greek yogurt, put it in a nice bowl and top with your favorite crunchy topping. It’s all about the toppings and presentation. Bonus points if you have a cherry!

Mug Cake

Are you craving a piece of cake or cupcake? Make a one serving dessert like a mug cake! Making a single-serving version hits the spot without leaving a ton of leftovers to tempt you.

What is your favorite healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth?