Your Foolproof Guide To Winter Layering

Find out exactly what you should wear to stay comfy during winter runs.


Run happily in any weather with this foolproof guide to layering. As the merchandising manager of apparel for Brooks Running, it’s Bennett Grimes’ job to obsess about runners’ comfort when it comes to clothes. Here he shares his insider tips on dressing properly when it is 39–20 degrees.

What You Need To Wear
Tank Top
Hoodie/Half Zip

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Grimes says, “It’s days like this when layering starts to become critical.” When the weather drops below 30, your legs will beg for a full tight. Start with a tank top and layer a half-zip or hoodie over it, which will “give you a cozy barrier between your neck and the collar of the jacket.” You might be okay with just this second layer, but many runners will want a shell on top. Grimes recommends a pair of mittens like the Brooks Joyride ($35, as they feature mesh in the palms to ward off that sweaty-hand feel.