Your Absolute Favorite Running Socks

You all have really strong sock game—here's what you all had to say about favorite socks.

Running Socks
Photo: Scott Draper

We all take time to find the perfect fit when it comes to running shoes. But so often we just throw on whatever old socks are in our drawer. Running socks can make a huge difference in your comfort while on the run, but so often we overlook this crucial part of our gear. So we asked our readers to recommend their favorite socks. You may be convinced to purchase your own.

We asked: What are your absolute favorite running socks?

You answered on Facebook…

Lynn Bobb: Recently got a pair of Farm to Feet socks – been running for 17 years and they are the best running socks I’ve ever worn, bar none!

Vicki Bencze: Running Room Wright socks! The best. Double layer prevents blisters. Summer and Winter versions available.

Karen Bock-Losee: Regular old low-cut Puma socks for my 5 and 10Ks. They have a little extra compression around the arch that my feet really seem to like. If I were running half a and marathons, though, I’d probably upgrade.

Karen Karnis: Injinji toe socks. Especially great in rain or any wet conditions, they keep my toes apart.

Babs Baker: Balega are my go to any socks!! The thin ones are great for summer while the thick soft ones are great for the winter.

Eve Re’ Hall: Smartwool are the best! They keep my feet warm in winter, are great when I run wet trails (no blisters) and wick away moisture even when it is hot outside!

Amanda Hess: I love SmartWool ultralight PhD running socks! They keep my feet warm and dry!

Christy Beebe: For winter smart wool. Summer swiftwick or toe socks.

Annette Coleman: Feetures, hands down…NO QUESTION, NO DOUBT.

Tonnette Westry: Tommy copper compression socks.

Laura Martin Gamboa: Asics with the tab in the back that sticks up!

Ronda Potenza Garcia: Wigwam.

Dysana Lee: Saucony!!

Mary Richie: Nike Dry Fit

Keigan Williams: Whatever’s clean

Stacey Anne Crago: PRO Compression

…And on Twitter

@eileencwright: My @Feetures are the only ones I ever wear!

@SabrinaGSamuels: I absolutely have to have my SmartWool PHD Run Ultra Light Micro socks when I run. I cannot run without them.

@SWEATXSPORT: @Smartwool for the win! No better temperature and moisture management sock on the market! Also great company values

‏@artemisrunner: Darn Tough merino 1/4 socks are the best!

‏@biochemtine: Old Navy active socks. Great socks, incredible value

@vielkaveronica: LOVE my @balega hidden comfort and hidden contour!

@NnennaNoNonsens: Wow…really? Running socks? (I’m not being sarcastic. I had no idea…)