Who DOESN’T Want Turkey-Themed Knee-High Socks This Thursday?

That, plus a few other great items for your trotting pleasure this Thanksgiving.

In case you’re in need of some last-minute flair for your weekend festivities (or just Thursday’s Turkey Trot), here are a few ideas to add to your holiday collection:

Brooks Running continues to put runners in “awe”-some spirits with their turkey-themed knee-high socks. But before you bash this Pacesetters pair, they definitely have ventilation for you speedsters, targeted arch compression for comfort and added cushioning in heel and toe. Plus, they look cool!


Why stop at socks? Go for the whole ridiculous ensemble from Gone For A Run. If it’s a bit over the top, each piece is available separately. We recommend pairing that must-have top with the socks.


And if knee-highs aren’t your thing, we know pie is. Keep your love for the holiday a little more discreet with these ankle socks from SockGuy and know that you’ll get a much bigger slice of the eating action at dinner on Thursday evening.

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