Keep these things in mind when it comes time to expand your home gym.


SET A BUDGET. The treadmills reviewed here range from $999 to $4,395, but there are treadmills that cost more than $10,000. Don’t get sucked in to overpaying by going into the purchasing process without a limit in mind.

DETERMINE YOUR CONSTRAINTS. Measure the space where your treadmill will fit, decide if you will need a folding version and figure out your musts to help narrow down your options.

KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR. There are several features that every treadmill will have: a motor, belt dimensions, incline/decline, max speed, cushioning, potential storage mode and a warranty. Deciding the features that are most important to you will help point you in the right direction.

HEAD TO YOUR LOCAL FITNESS OR EQUIPMENT SUPERSTORE. Reviews are a great resource, but the best way for you to get a feel for a treadmill is to take it for a test drive. Equipment stores, such as Leisure Fitness in Green Brook, N.J. (where many of these treadmills were tested), will have multiple brands and models in stock and plugged in for your use.

BE PATIENT. Once you find a treadmill that meets all of your requirements, search around for the best price—it could be from a local store, an online retailer or directly from the brand. Also, brands will o er deep discounts before newer models are released, so if you have some time, you could end up saving!

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