What Are The Best Long-Distance Running Shoes?

Hint: There isn't just one answer.


NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training!

Q: What is the best shoe to wear for running long distances?

There is no “absolute best” when it comes to footwear, since the right shoe differs for every person and every terrain. For road running, you want to look for a shoe that’s supportive yet light. For trail, you will need a pair that’s highly durable and has proper traction. In either case, comfort is key. If you’re running far, you’re going to be wearing your shoe for a long time! Visit your local running shoe store and find out what works the best for your needs.

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Even more important than finding the perfect model is replacing your shoes often enough so that you aren’t logging miles on a broken-down pair that is no longer supporting your feet and legs. Every 300 miles or three months (whichever occurs first) is a good rule of thumb.

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