Warm Gear To Get You Through Cold Runs

Sometimes the only thing that can get you outside on a chilly day is new gear!

Cold Runs

Winter running can be tough. It’s dark nearly all the time. It can be cold, rainy, snowy…just brutal. We’ve been having a weird winter in Washington D.C. where I live—some warm days mixed with some freezing days. I know that during this time of year it can be hard to get out the door. Something that helps me get excited to run is having great winter gear. Read on for a few things I’m either loving or jonesing for this winter:

  • Gloves are awesome, but I’m in the market for some running mittens. My fingers get so cold when I run that I know mittens will really help me out.
  • New Oiselle Gilman vest. This vest is my new favorite thing to wear while running. It’s stylish, comfy, helps break the wind but doesn’t cause me to overheat. Did I mention that it’s also reflective? That is so clutch when it’s dark almost all the time in the winter.
  • Hand warmers. Critical for extra cold days. If I have cold hands while running, I’m not a happy camper. I am headed to Costco this weekend to buy a big giant box of these bad boys!
  • Fleece lined tights. Perfection on cold days. Luckily, many brands have gotten on board the fleece lined train and you have so many options to choose from.
  • Wool compression sleeves. Did y’all even know this was a thing? I did not until about a year ago. Zensah makes these awesomely cozy wool compression sleeves. They are so so incredible. Both for running (on days where it’s a long sleeve shirt, gloves and a shorts kind of day) and for recovery. They are kind of my favorite right now!

What’s your favorite winter running purchase?? What should I add to my list?? Let me know!