Under Armour Unveils The First-Ever “Smart” Shoe

Imagine recording your distance and pace without a watch or an app. Now you can.

under armour

We are used to running with GPS watches or mileage tracking apps on our smartphone, but now all you need is literally a pair of shoes. Under Armour has just released the first ever “smart shoe”—the SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record Equipped.

The SpeedForm Gemini 2 tracks distance, pace, cadence, stride length and steps. The shoe also tracks its own lifespan, issuing a notification when it reaches 450 miles. The best part is that there are no on or off buttons or waiting on satellites. All you have to do is begin to run. The shoe starts tracking upon your first steps. Under Armour claims the shoe gives more accurate pace and distance than a running watch.

The SpeedForm Gemini 2 is Bluetooth-ready, so it can be paired with a smartphone. MapMyRun has also launched a brand new update that records all data for the shoes. However you do not need to run with your phone—the shoe records data and updates your MapMyRun account, even if you run untethered.

The SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record Equipped is available now for $150 at

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