Try This Outfit And You’ll Never Want To Travel Wearing Anything Else

This five pieces make up the perfect travel outfit as you visit friends and family this holiday season.

I recently went on my first international trip and was very worried about the 13 hours of flying (each way) that was ahead of me. Thankfully, I have finally figured out the secret to smooth travel: the perfect outfit. Not only will you be comfortable the entire trip, but the right outfit will also ultimately—a.) have items that work double duty and b.) save space in your already full bags.

Because I am stubborn and scare of lost luggage I always take a carry-on, taking up precious space in the overhead bin and leaving little room for anything else under the seat in front of me. The following outfit is exactly what I wore on my last international trip and IT WAS A LIFESAVER. I plan on taking these items with me every time I travel for the end of time.

This outfit will keep you warm—very important as temperatures drop (and we all know planes are always too cold)—comfortable and will make things easier the entire trip when it comes to choosing outfits, carrying personal items and saving that much-needed space in your bag.