No matter how you choose to celebrate, we bet these Valentine’s Day treats will be a perfect match.

Tcho Maker’s Series: Bramble + Rose 70G Bar, $8

This chocolate doesn’t just look pretty—its taste earned high points from our editors, too.

Misfit Vapor 2, $250

Treat yourself with this new watch from Misfit that features a trendy rose gold band. (Bonus: Get 20 percent off with offer code YOUDOYOU through February 14.)

Podpocket Scoop, $20

Don’t let your earbuds get lost on your way to the gym—keep them cozy inside this cute pink pocket, instead.

Enjoy Life Valentine’s Ricemilk Chocolate Minis, $7.99 for One 6.3-Oz. Bag

Valentine’s is the most fun when you can celebrate the day with friends—so why not add a few chocolate bars into the mix?

Sunski Portola Sunglasses, $68

These polarized sunglasses will protect your eyes and keep you looking great no matter where your Valentine’s Day celebrations take you.

Rumpl Puffy Down Blanket, $200

In really cold weather, you’ll want a serious blanket at work to keep you toasty—especially if it’s easy to compact, as this one is.

Lily Trotters Compression Limited Edition S’mitten, $40

Stay comfortable while recovering from your latest long run in these compression socks, perfectly in sync with the theme of the holiday.

Wild Ophelia Cold Brew Chocolate Coffee Bite Bundle, $20

Chocolate and coffee? What could be better!

FitVine Rose, $16

FitVine has built a reputation on how much healthier its wine is than its competitors—and this bottle of rosé doesn’t disappoint.

Honey Stinger Grapefruit Organic Energy Chews, $29 for Box Of 12

If you’re staying dedicated to your workouts through the holiday, this selection of energy chews from Honey Stinger can help you recover and revive your energy levels faster.