This Spring’s Top 12 Running Shoes

We tested this season’s new running shoes to dig up 12 winners for our Sole Mate Awards.

Every season, running brands serve up a hot crop of new styles, and we take the kicks through rigorous testing to suss out the cream of the crop. We’ve seen seasons full of minimal speed flats and ones of heavily structured plodders. But this year, the hottest trend was in the sole.

Comfortable cushion and foam wizardry could be found across different companies and shoe types. Need support? There’s a plush ride for that. Hitting the trails? Shock-absorbing protection lets you pound out the miles.

Our editors and testers made their way through more than 30 of the latest styles. The select Sole Mate award winners were the shoes we gravitated to again and again after putting in miles on roads, at the beach, on treadmills, along rolling coastal paths and across snow-covered and muddy moun-tain trails. Whatever your feet require, you’ll find your new match in these nearly perfect trainers.