This Product Gives Runners Safety Claws Like X-Men

A discreet device gives runners a superhero edge on their run.


When the catwoman safety device came out, it was a hit. And rightfully so—it was a simple, handheld way for runners to protect themselves that worked quickly. Although we still hope for a time where these things aren’t necessary, it’s great that companies continue to create safer gadgets to run with.

Go Guarded was designed by a runner, for runners, and it overcomes the shortfalls of pepper spray. Go Guarded will not need to be retrieved from a fanny pack, spray back on you, or be knocked out of your hand. It easily slides on your finger and serves as a sharp weapon if needed. The loop also comes with pieces to adjust finger size.

The concept comes in pink and doesn’t stand out as a defense mechanism, but rather looks like a fashionable ring at first glance. And of course, if you run at night, be sure to also dress the part.