This Out-Of-This-World Hat Does More Than Block The Sun

One company found that runners and astronauts can benefit from the same technology.

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There is an out-of-this-world company revolutionizing the world of running. Literally. LifeBEAM’s technology—originally designed for use by pilots, astronauts and special forces in aerospace—is now available on Earth and is changing the way you measure your performance.

Their Smart Hat and Smart Visor is powering your run by tracking your heart rate, calories burned and cadence. They have placed an optical heart rate sensor inside the front of the hat. It was developed to monitor the vital signs of astronauts and pilots in their helmets but works for runners in a very similar fashion. Now you can ditch the chest strap and sync the hat with your phone or watch to track your information.

Both the hat and visor are $99 and women will especially enjoy the visor as it was designed with us specifically in mind. Both the hat and visor come with a carbon case for protection.

Once set up it truly is as easy to use as putting it on and going; you can now benefit even more from a piece of gear that you wear every day.

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