This Jacket Is Every Traveler’s Dream

This could be perfect for your next runcation.


Remember that time you went on an airplane for a race, and you a) had to unload every small item from your pockets b) forgot a pen to do the Sudoku puzzle in the back of the magazine, c) wished you had a neck pillow d) wrestled your headphones out of a vicious cord tangle e) had to store all your electronics in three different locations and f) had to dig out another jacket that was waterproof for the rain storm you never expected? Yeah, we remember.

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That’s probably why this kickstarter campaign for the “world’s best travel jacket” took off flying—and just in time for the upcoming fall and winter running seasons. Not only does this contraption (we can’t even call it a jacket) have four different gender-specific styles:


but it also can do a million things:


Would you purchase one?