This Contraption Puts An End To Tangled Headphone Cords

Bonus points for its ability to track down lost earbuds when they slip out of your ear.

Skybuds Lifestyle 005

We live in a hands-free world (no one wants to get that cell phone ticket on the road), and we live in a world where having charged devices is apparently a top priority. Meet Skybuds—truly wireless, high-quality headphones that charge your phone and allow for hands-free calling all at the same time. Few companies have been successful truly eliminating wiring and charging from the headphone experience, until now.


The product looks just like a cell phone case. Earbuds that—no, seriously—have zero wires, operate through Near Field Magnetic Induction. The case also simultaneously charges your headphones and phone. With the earbuds in your ear, the user can make calls via the embedded mic on the Skybuds device, which is attached to your phone. Sweat-proof, the device is also perfect for the active person; the app attached to the product can also locate a dropped or lost earbud.

The product is set to launch to the public by May 2016—just in time for those sweaty summer runs we all look forward to.