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Trendy Tech Gifts For The Holidays

For those who love clean, smart design, these trendy tech gifts are sure to impress.

Awair 2nd Edition, $199

Photo by Oliver Baker.

You’d never guess this wood-framed box is an advanced air-quality monitor, but its modern design helps it to blend into your home’s décor while also tracking key air pollutants that can impact your health. By monitoring fine dust, chemicals, CO2, humidity and temperature, the Awair’s corresponding app can make personalized recommendations for improvements to both your air quality and specifically your bedroom’s air to optimize your sleep.

Polar Vantage V, $550

Photo by Oliver Baker.

This new multisport watch has some pretty cutting-edge technology, including the first wrist-based running power measurement (in watts), improved heart rate technology with three different sensors and new smart coaching features so that you know when you’re over- or under-training. Plus, the battery lasts for 40 hours of training time with the heart rate and GPS in use.

Lenovo Smart Display 10-inch, $250

Photo by Oliver Baker.

With the Google Assistant built into this sleek-looking display, you can save time and energy by simply saying, “Hey Google.” Whether you want to look up a stroller workout routine on YouTube, follow a healthy recipe for dinner or set hands-free reminders to yourself while you multitask, you can see and hear the information whenever you need it.

Treadly Treadmill, $849

Photo by Oliver Baker.

You only need 5 inches of clearance to store this compact treadmill, so it can fit under the bed instead of taking up the entire guest bedroom. There’s no assembly required, and it’s easy to use—you simply move to the front of the belt to pick up the pace and to the back to slow down. It maxes out at 5 mph, so it’s best for runners looking to salvage a workout indoors with bad weather outside, for injury recovery or just to feel a little more productive during a Netflix binge.