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This Space Age Bra Knows How You Sweat

Intel to boobs everywhere: “Welcome to the future.”

Silicon Valley has transformed the way we book hotel rooms, order takeout and even date—but now the tech world has announced it may have a solution for a more pressing issue: excessive chest sweat.

At New York Fashion Week, experimental clothing brand Chromat debuted a collaboration with Intel in the form of a white V-neck sports bra.


The top may not look like much, but there’s a lot going on in the little bit of fabric. The Chromat Aeros Sports Bra powered by Intel promises to sense changes in your body as you work out and responds in ways that will make you more comfortable.

The company explains: “With integration of the Intel Curie module, the sports bra can intuitively respond to perspiration, respiration and body temperature.”

As you heat up, tiny vents in the band open to allow more airflow and cool your core. The purpose, Chromat says is to “enable the wearer to break through barriers such as overheating to achieve peak performance.”

The concept is pretty cool—but we’re not sure about the level of support, which any runner knows is way more critical than a case of sweaty boobs.

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