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This Printer Company Just Launched A Run Watch In The U.S.

Epson just added another awesome GPS option to the running watch world—except this one also tracks your heart rate.

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A Japan-based company known more for its computer printers, Epson announced its Runsense GPS watches for runners of all levels are now available in the United States through their website. The GPS watches come in three models—SF-510, SF-710 and SF-810–each sporting a various number of capabilities. Depending on which watch you grab, here’s what you need to know:

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  • Measures stride length(!), distance, laps and pace
  • Is water-resistant up to 50 meters (Sup, summer swims?)
  • Monitors and records heart rate from your wrist(!)—no strap required (SF-810 only)
  • Is compatible with most phones via its app for setup and syncing
  • Has huge storage space, saving up to 400 “laps” of info before needing to clear space
  • Includes “indoor” mode for sweaty indoor workouts without GPS signal
  • Vibrates with every mile run (SF-710, 810 only)
  • Houses info in four screens that you can click through on the run

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“Epson’s Runsense is the ideal GPS watch for keeping me on track with real-time data on my pace, heart rate and distance,” said Meb Keflezighi, 2014 Boston Marathon champ. “I use the Runsense GPS watch every day during my training, and it is a great companion as I work towards the Olympic Trials in 2016.”

Although the price tags are a bit elevated (as are many GPS watches)—$250 (SF-510), $280 (SF-710) and $350 (SF-810)—the perks of each, as well as a simple, sleek look and lightweight feel, make them worth the extra $$ if you’re planning to run GPS-style for a long time. For those focused on optimal and target heart rates on every run, the 810 lets you check the pumper as quickly and easily you would your pace. For advanced running nerds, the 710 and 810 also include tracking for ascent/descent data and gradient (for all your mountain goats out there).