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The Nike Apple Watch Is Sleek And Your Next Favorite Thing

Now available in stores, the Apple Watch Nike+ is made with runners in mind. Here's what features you'll get from the new watch.

Nike Apple Watch

Nike and Apple have played well together for the last 10 years, and now their sleek watch, the Apple Watch Nike+, is available at retail stores.

The Rundown

The device has been called “your perfect running partner” by the companies; it’s made for runners, by runners. The screen is so simple, it affords every runner an easy answer to the question, “Are you going to run today?” As the latest innovation in Nike Running, the Apple Watch Nike+ brings a community of runners right to your wrist. Users can easily schedule a run and see how they stack up against friends on the leaderboard. How do you climb to the top? The thing reminds you to run so you can blaze past people ahead of you on the leaderboard. Dang! 

The Apple Watch Nike+ combines all features found in the Apple Watch Series 2 with the Nike+ Run Club app, but with additional features that are only available on the Nike+ model. The watch also provides unrivaled motivation for athletes* to get out and run through guidance from the world’s best coaches and athletes, and coaching plans that adapt to users’ unique schedules and progress. 

Other Features

The watch includes built-in GPS to accurately track training data, so you don’t have to bring you iPhone with you on your run. The display is also the brightest Apple has ever made, making metrics easy to read, no matter how strong the sun glare. If you’re up for a challenge (seriously, if challenges motivate you), this device has your back with smart run reminders and challenges from friends. And as we approach really cold months, the weather alerts will come in handy. And like any great running watch, all training data, including pace, distance and heart rate, are available at a glance.