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A Runner’s Review Of The Withings Steel HR Watch

This watch doesn't look like your typical fitness tracker; here's what you need to know about the latest watch from Withings.

New watch alert! The Withings Steel HR doesn’t look like your typical fitness tracker, but its stylish design and classic look can appeal to those athletes who want chic with function.

The Design

  • The understated design looks like a regular watch, which can look great with a suit or dressed up.
  • The watch is very light, and the band feels premium and comfortable
  • There are enough notifications to work for the “non-techy” runner without overwhelming them.
  • The battery life rocks; it only needs to be charged a few times a week.

The Performance

  • The heart-rate tracking is pretty accurate, although it does drop off every now and then during workouts.
  • The step tracking is good enough but not totally accurate; it’s a good starting point for casual runners.

The Bad Stuff

  • The watch itself feels a bit flimsy; one might be worried about breaking it. Plus, the water-resistant feature is only good for 50 meters.
  • The bands don’t change that easily.
  • The glass can fog up during workouts.
  • The charging process is a bit off; you have to tilt the watch a certain way to have it work.
  • It might lose connection during a workout, thus los accurate heart-rate tracking.
  • Compared to the Apple Watch, the calorie count felt off for the same workout.


The Steel HR isn’t for everyone. It’s for those who don’t want a fitness track look and want a more standard-looking watch. Performance is adequate enough for non-serious athletes. The fact that it looks more like a regular watch would make one wear it more often, giving a more accurate picture of one’s daily activity.