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Hyperice’s Hypervolt: The Latest In Vibration Recovery Technology

Hyperice announced today that it is releasing the Hypervolt, the latest in vibration-based recovery technology.

Meet The Hypervolt

Less than a year after the release of the Vyper 2.0, Hyperice is back in the news to unveil a new product: the Hypervolt. Though the basic concept of both products–vibration-triggered muscle recovery–is the same, the Vyper 2.0 is essentially a vibrating foam roller, while the Hypervolt delivers a more targeted user experience. Featuring four uniquely-shaped applicators, three speed options and a cordless, 2.5-pound body, the Hypervolt uses the Quiet Glide technology for which Hyperice has cultivated a reputation, making it a quiet and lightweight tool with which users can create a personalized experience based on their recovery needs.

This kind of vibration-based technology has been shown to help runners boost circulation, relieve muscle soreness and improve range of motion. The company, which founded in 2010, has support from professional athletes like Lindsey Vonn, LeBron James and Lauren Collins, making it seem like the recovery-styled products it creates and the technology involved in their creation are intended for professional athletic use. However, as everyday athletes have in the last several years become increasingly interested in optimizing their athletic performance and fine-tuning recovery procedures, consumer interest has increased. Priced at $349, the Hypervolt is the latest in Hyperice’s line of products intended not just for professional athletes, but for those that lace their running shoes every day to chase personal goals.

“Over the past six years, we have acquired substantial knowledge relative to vibration technology,” said Hyperice founder Anthony Katz in an official press release. “We put all of that knowledge into the development of the Hypervolt. Recovery and mobility tools are no longer used only by athletes, they have become essential for everyone from fitness enthusiasts to personal trainers and physical therapists. This was top of mind when developing this new product.”

To learn more about the Hypervolt, visit the Hyperice website or check out a video of the tool in motion in this official product video.


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