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Fitbit Just Got Way More Personal About Your Training

Announcing a partnership with personal training app Fitstar, Fitbit is now using your stats to give you more workout options.

Fitstar Personal Trainer iOS Freestyle (1)

Everyone’s favorite fitness tracker just upped their motivation game with the announcement of a new app experience—the Fitstar Personal Trainer in collaboration with Fitbit. So while you’re clocking and tracking all that hard work, the Fitstar/Fitbit combo is using your stats to create personalized, doable workouts for you. There are new trainers to choose from, an expanded library of exercises, customizable music and a refreshed look provide greater inspiration. Oh, and obviously you can take it anywhere and tailor the workouts to your current availability.

Fitstar will provide a range of recommended workouts based on your activities tracked with a Fitbit device and deliver them right to your Fitbit and Fitstar Personal Trainer apps. You know that “Guidance” tab inside your Fitbit dash? Workouts appear there. Example: You run 5 miles, the recommended workout might be targeting leg rest or movement for your abs and arms. Whoa!

Fitstar Personal Trainer iOS Dashboard_Recommended Workout 1

“Since joining the Fitbit family in 2014, we’ve known the marriage of wearables and our dynamic video workouts would lead to more effective and relevant fitness programs,” said Mike Maser, Co-Founder and VP of Fitstar by Fitbit. “The redesigned Fitstar Personal Trainer app takes the next step in realizing this vision.”

Additional perks that get us excited to move are the accessibility to two certified trainers, the radio option that offers music to move to and an expanded library of options from what was previously offered on the Fitstar platform. This type of collaboration, we imagine, is only the continuation of more digital and personalized opportunities becoming available to fitness fanatic everywhere.