T-Rex Runner: The Best Summer Running Gear You’re Never Heard Of

Danielle shares her top 3 gear picks for staying cool during summer running.


As I alluded to in my first Women’s Running blog post, I’m basically a sworn enemy of summer running. I begin dreading the summer season in April and am noticeably less grumpy when October rolls around. Living in the South and having a marathon schedule that doesn’t quit means that my training doesn’t either, no matter how hot it gets (the amount of time I spend complaining about it, however, certainly increases). I look for every possible way to keep my core temperature down and keep those runs tolerable. Here are my three top picks for summer running gear (none of which I’m being paid to promote)– and I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard of at least two of them!

1.Qore Performance Compression Shorts: Have you ever put ice down your shorts to cool off? No? Just me? Well, regardless, it’s a very effective way to cool off, and Qore Performance has made the act as convenient as possible. Their compression shorts come with mesh panels that hold two specially designed cold packs that rest along your femoral arteries and cool off the blood as it moves through the body. The packs freeze at 58 degrees, so they can be recharged with a dunk in cold water! I’ve been wearing them all summer and now can’t imagine running without them.

2. Mission EnduraCool Hat: A hat is critical gear for me in the summer, and the Mission EnduraCool hat is one my favorites. The liner from Headsweats makes the hat extra comfortable, while the Instant Cooling Technology means that the hat gets cool whenever it gets wet. It’s easy to refresh while on the run, and the effect definitely makes your run more comfortable! The sweat-wicking technology doesn’t hurt, either.

3. Nike Breeze tank: If you’re too modest or self-conscious (like I am) to run in just a sports bra, the Nike Breeze tank is the next best thing! The fabric is whisper thin and incredibly cool, making it feel like you’re not even wearing a shirt. Because the fabric is so light, it also dries very quickly. You can also get the same material in a short sleeve shirt if you’re looking for more coverage. Either way, this is the shirt to wear on those hot, humid days of summer!

What is your favorite gear for beating the summer heat? Share your gear picks by tweeting them to @thetrexrunner and @womensrunning.