Sick of pulling your shorts down over your thighs mid-run? We rounded up five pairs that solve your problem.

Every body is different. In my case, I was (blessed?) with large thighs and a large butt. Most of the time, I really don’t mind, that is, until it is time to wear shorts.

This means I am no stranger to chub rub.

I decided to start the hunt for the perfect pair of running shorts so I could report my results back to fellow women who will never, ever have a thigh gap (who needs one of those, anyway?). During my research, I found five pairs of shorts in various lengths, fabrics and price points, perfect for those who no longer want to spend their entire run tugging at their shorts or worrying about their body glide evaporating.

Brooks Women's Racey 7
SKECHERS Women's Frequency Performance Shorts ($36)
C9 Champion Women's Fitted Bermuda ($18.99)
UA Authentic 7
Oiselle Vela Shorts ($38)