What To Know Before You Try Mizuno’s Slim New Kicks

Mizuno’s Waveknit R2 shows the brand embracing a knit style and performance midsole to support a runner’s natural range of motion.

Mizuno’s Waveknit R2

Mizuno’s latest addition to its running collection, the Waveknit R2, was released earlier this week as a road shoe created with performance in mind. Weighing in at 8.6 oz. (for a standard women’s size 7) with a 12mm drop, the shoe’s midsole and upper were constructed with the intention of delivering a ride that’s light on shock and big on breathability.

The Waveknit R2’s knit design lends structure to the shoe’s upper, locking in the foot from heel to toe. Known for running small (we recommend trying a half-size larger than your normal running shoe size), Mizunos tend to provide a compact fit that’s most ideal for narrow-footed runners, a theme that holds true for the Waveknit R2s. Meanwhile, the shoe’s midsole technology prioritizes shock absorption to protect the runner’s joints without adding too much extra weight.

Curious to give these shoes a try? Here’s what we noticed after taking a pair out on several test runs:

  • The low heel collar provides a comfortable fit that this runner enjoyed (no blisters!)
  • The snug fit means it’s extra important to run in the correct size. Remember: Your “normal” running shoe size isn’t the same for every brand!
  • The compact nature of this shoe bumps it low on the stealth scale. Passersby will hear you coming, which doesn’t bother some but may be an issue for runners that prefer quiet footfalls.

The Waveknit R2s are priced at $130 and available in four colorways. Follow this link for additional information.