Shoe-Tying Hacks

Running shoe not fitting quite right? Try one of these alternate lacing methods to get the perfect fit.

Tie One On

Small changes to your shoelaces can make a big difference. Customize your kicks with these lacing techniques.

Shoes Too Tight

Lace every other hole on each side before going straight across to the other side (no zigzagging), from the bottom to the top.

Black Toenails

Thread lace diagonally from the top hole near the outside ankle to the big toe. Lace shoe from bottom to top, moving diagonally to the next row of eyelets, then parallel.

Heel Slippage

On last two holes, run lace vertically through the top eyelet. Cross-lace ends, passing the lace through the vertical section before tightening.

Any Part Too Tight

Cross-lace the shoes like normal until you get to the part that is too tight, then only lace the sides (shown above is an example for high arches).


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