You Hate The Shoes You Bought And Ran In—Can You Return Them?

So it's been a few months and you realized your new pair of running shoes just isn't the right fit. Here's how to handle the situation.

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Etiquette expert Lizzie Post, great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, knows a thing or two about the rules of the road—and the descendant of the famous decorum diva is a runner too!

Q: I got some new shoes recently, but after a few months, I decided I really don’t like them. My store has a “no questions asked” return policy. Do you think it’s okay to take them back?

First, I would ask if the store has a time limit. It may be “no questions asked” within 30 days. Beyond that, this is an issue of your own ethics, and how you feel about the policy.

If the store truly believes in no time-limit restrictions for returns and they are willing to accept the old shoes and give you a new pair or your money back, then I wouldn’t feel guilty about using their policy to get a pair that really works for you. Personally, I think the store’s policy is great for runners, because it can take a lot more than a 30-second test on a treadmill to see if shoes are a match for your body.

I bet their generous allowance will turn you into a loyal customer—that would work for me!

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