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First Look: Flight VECTIV™️

The Flight VECTIV™ is a new lightweight trail shoe from The North Face, and this baby is built for speed, plain and simple.


Tech: Matryx®, Surface Control™, VECTIV™


8.64 oz



Unlike the others in the VECTIV™ family, the Flight VECTIV™ features a carbon plate, which provides propulsion more akin to a road shoe than your normal trail running shoe. Meanwhile, it still has a rugged build that can handle rough trails, with a Surface Control™ rubber outsole, reinforced toe cap, and abrasion-resistant Matryx® upper (designed with Kevlar® and polyamide) that is both lightweight and sturdy.

The shoe features a moderate 6mm drop, and 3.5mm lugs on the outsole for stellar grip on gravel or trail. The rocker midsole has been specially designed to provide max propulsion and transition, and the Flight VECTIV™’s 3D carbon-fiber plate leverages a solid amount of energy return, all without going overboard and altering your stride. Meanwhile, there is a dual-density layer of foam beneath the carbon plate to allow for a smooth ride while retaining a strong feel for the terrain. With a build that reduces overall impact by 10%, the Flight VECTIV™ has enough cushion for longer runs, even heading into the ultra range.

Just like every VECTIV™ female style, the Flight VECTIV™ has been custom modified for women, incorporating input from a series of TNF female athletes and product testers.

This tuning provides three major benefits for the Women’s Flight VECTIV™:

  1. Tighter upper fit, with the lacing moved 5mm further up
  2. Increased comfort, with 5mm added tongue + collar foam thickness
  3. Altered fiber angles for a more flexible plate

All told, the Flight VECTIV™ is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a responsive, high-performance shoe that can provide the propulsion you need to tackle fast trail races and workouts with ease.