361 Degrees Launches The 361-Spire 3

The 361-Spire 3 won an ISPO award in the running shoe category earlier this year and was officially released to consumers on June 1.

Photo provided by 361 Degrees.

The 361-Spire 3

361 Degrees has officially released its shoe of the summer, the 361-Spire 3. Launched to consumers today, the shoe gained attention from industry experts earlier this year when it was considered for an ISPO award in the running shoe category of the Health and Fitness group—and won.

The Spire 3 was built with several features that have become trademarks for the brand, including its Qu!kfoam rubber blend in the midsole (which provides extra cushioning) and Qu!k Spine carbon fiber plate built into the sole (which provides added protection for the foot when on the move). This shoe also features the “Fitz-Rite Midfoot,” a design element that locks the midfoot into place and thus gives the shoe a more secure fit.

Available today for women and men, the shoe was designed with neutral feet in mind and is intended for use during long-distance training. Priced at $150, the Spire 3 is currently available in an ebony/black colorway for women. Those interested can learn more about the shoe here.


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